Mitigating the Risk of Mold After a Basement Flood

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The summer of 2021 has thus far been one of extreme weather. From extremely high temperatures in the East of Canada to floods all around the world, we are becoming acutely aware of the risks that accompany climate change. Floods are not only dangerous to us in the short-term because of the risk of losing belongings, but they can also leave behind problems that can affect our long-term health. One of these: mold growth in our basements. With water filling up hundreds of basements all around Toronto, it’s important to take care of the risk of mold following floods promptly to avoid the effects it can have on our health.


Damp Grounds Are Breeding Grounds for Mold!

As you may know, mold grows most commonly in damp environments. In fact, the places that have the most moisture in your house are likely to be the places with the most mold growth! Therefore, following a flood, it’s crucial to dry up all areas of your basement as quickly and thoroughly as possible to avoid any further mold growth.

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How Can I Prevent Mold Growth After a Flood?

You can prevent the growth of mold by following a few steps. First, turn off the electricity! It’sa simple step that could save you and others’ lives. Then, get rid of the water as much as possible with a pump, and then with a wet and dry vacuum. Clean up the walls and floors with detergent, and remove the paddings of any kind of furniture to let them dry outside (if it’s not raining, of course). Check behind the furniture and look at the bottom of the walls – if it’s wet, basement mold will most likely grow. Purchase a dehumidifier and fans to take care of the remaining moisture in the air.


Is Mold Still Present?

Even with the most meticulous drying method, you are still likely to have corners and hidden spots of your basement that remain moisture-prone after a flood. To make sure you are not living in a house that is overcome with mold, take the time to check throughout your house to find out whether there has been serious mold growth. Similarly, check to ensure that there is no rotting wood that could be left over from the flood – this not only has mold entrenched in the facets, but it can also grow fungus which is just as harmful for you! Because of the high likelihood of finding mold following a basement flood, your best bet is to hire a basement mold removal team, like Trax.


Why Should I Use a Basement Mold Removal Service?

Although you may feel comfortable with a bit of mold growing in your basement – afterall, it’s normal right? No! – this mold can quickly grow into something that you cannot handle anymore. Mold can lead to nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, respiratory infections and can make asthma worse. A professional basement mold removal service can differentiate between different kinds of mold and has the right products to not only solve the problem in the short-term but also prevent the growth of mold in the future. Our team is composed of experts who know everything and anything about basement mold, especially after basement floods!

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