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Effective Mold Inspection & Testing in Toronto & the GTA

Toronto and the GTA are made up of several established neighbourhoods that are populated with older homes and understandably one of the biggest concerns when it comes to older spaces is mold.

Having been in the business for over 15 years, we encourage all home-owners, to-be home owners, office or storage space owners to get a mold inspection done in time to prevent damage to your property as well as belongings.

Our services include on-site consultations followed by thorough mold inspections, mold testing in areas we find mold growth, and finally mold removal and mold remediation.

We also look into cases that involve black mold inspection, attic mold inspection and removal as well as basement mold inspection and remediation.

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Why is Mold Inspection & Mold Testing Important?

Mold contamination can be a tricky problem to visually detect as it can easily develop and fester in the most inaccessible places within any property. Preventing mold at the get-go or finding it and eliminating it is critical for any home, business property and for all the people involved.

A mold inspection helps you identify where exactly on the property the fungus has set up shop. The mold can spread fast and damage walls as well as adjacent structures. Once identified, a thorough mold test will identify the exact species of mold, and concentration in areas thus making it easier and more efficient to treat. This step is critical as some species of mold can be hazardous to health and cause catastrophic damage to property.

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What does Mold Inspection cover?

Mold inspection is for the most part a visual inspection, most of the time there is no special equipment involved aside from a good flashlight and some tools to get to the corners and into HVAC ducts. A licensed mold inspector would also sometimes use a camera and a moisture meter that is particularly useful in areas that have been exposed to high humidity or flooding etc.


A mold inspection involves the inspector talking to the property owner to evaluate the possible areas where there could be mold growth or where they have seen any mold. Mold inspection involves thoroughly looking in places known to be prone to mold growth such as basements, attics or crawl spaces. If there is any indication of mold growing in an inaccessible area, the mold inspector may have to damage a small section of drywall or remove paneling to get a better look.

Everything during this mold inspection is documented in a report that can be produced during a purchase or sell of a property. It also serves as a guide for the mold removal and mold remediation crew to effectively eliminate all visible and invisible mold.

What does Mold Testing include?

If your licensed mold inspector has requested  Mold Testing, we will ensure everything is taken care of, and the project manager assigned to your case will keep you up-to-date with everything.

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Air Sampling

Commonly referred to as an Air Quality Test. This helps access the level of mold. Inside and outdoor air is sampled and the results reveal the level of mold spores. It’s used as a method to identify the existence of non-visible mold.

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Surface Sampling

Essentially swabing certain areas to determine the species of mold that in turn determines how hazardous it is and what method of Mold Removal and remediation should be deployed. Some labs that conduct mold testing use the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI)

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Bulk Sampling

This essentially is a more large scale of Surface Sampling that will draw samples from all surfaces and materials in the contaminated area.

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The conclusion of this testing is always presented in the form of a lab report that we ensure is not convoluted with too much data but instead contains only essential and necessary results with accompanying explanations by experts.

Why Choose Us For Mold Inspection & Mold Testing?

  • We’ve been in the business for 15 years and have worked with hundreds of such cases
  • Our team is certified and licensed and as a company we are IRCC certified.
  • We pride ourselves in our methodological approach to the entire process right from assigning you with a Project Manager to the final cleaning before we had over your space to you
  • Customer Service and satisfaction has always been our top priority – being a family run business we ensure all our customers are kept up to date and we offer honest recommendations
  • We assist you with your insurance claim wherever applicable.

Do not delay this any further, call us for all your Mold Inspection & Mold Testing needs!

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