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Attic Mold Remediation, Testing & Inspection

Attics are a common area for mold growth in a home. They tend to have the perfect growth conditions for mold and most of the time it’s undiscoverable as homeowners almost never frequent their attics, so attic mold grows undisturbed – sometimes for years!

We offer attic mold removal, inspection, testing and remediation in Toronto and across the GTA.

Home owners learn about their attic mold problem usually when they are about to sell their home. This can jeopardize the sale and even cause unnecessary panic and who needs that during a home sale, right?

That’s where we can help – an attic mold inspection & testing will reveal what we are dealing with in your home that will then be followed by mold removal, mold remediation, re-testing to ensure we got it all etc.

What are the key identifiers that indicate you may have attic mold?


  1. Staining on wood surfaces – wood in your attic showing any black discolouration is basically screaming attic mold.
  2. If you happen to go up there and it feels excessively hot and stuffy – boom there’s mold for sure. Attics are supposed to feel breezy if they are ventilated properly. poor ventilation = hot/stuffy = mold.
  3. Frost buildup on the underside of your roof sheathing during the winter months. The colder temperatures can cause water vapour in a poorly ventilated attic to freeze. it’s a great indicator of poor ventilation and hence mold growth.
  4. If you notice the insulation gets damp or wet – attic mold is just around the corner.
  5. The smell of mildew in the attic – pretty straightforward this one.

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How can we help with Attic Mold Removal?

It’s very important to get professional help in cases of attic mold as there is a good chance that attic mold could be black mold and that is absolutely dangerous. You can read about back mold here to get a better understanding of the dangers it brings along with it. (link to black mold page)

The good news is, we are equipped to handle all and any kind of mold.

Having been in the business for over 15 years, we’ve treated numerous spaces, home, offices etc and ensure that, we not only leave a space safer but also offer you the best cost while doing it.

Besides, attics are too dangerous to try and fix on your own and can turn into a mess pretty quickly.

Mold removal professionals like us, come in equipped with industrial grade equipment and  experience that makes the job a lot easier and efficient.

Removing mold from the attic, starts with some attic mold testing and inspection, this then leads to containment of the area if required and then begins attic remediation. The most common kind deployed is chemical based – this involves the use of powerful cleaning agents to kill the mold, this is followed by anti fungal sealers to ensure there is no re-occurrence of this attic mold, testing is done again to seal the deal completely. There are other methods we can explore, but this is the most common and effective.

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So, if you have the unfortunate experience of dealing with attic mold, please know that you are not alone. Attic mold is super common and can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Thousands of families all over Toronto and the GTA go through it and come out with attics cleaner, safer and mold-free.

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