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Suspect you have mold? It’s time for professional air quality testing.

Performed best by experts in the industry, it will help you determine if you home, storage, office or commercial space is showing any signs of mold (mostly invisible!)

What is Air Quality Testing?

Air Quality Testing also goes by the name of Indoor Quality Testing (IAQ) – it’s essentially a test that helps determine the quality of air in a certain environment. It is used to identify any contaminants in the air such as carbon dioxide, toxic vapours, dust or fungi. The most common at home air quality test is for mold. Indoor air quality testing is beneficial as it distinguishes the type of mold particles and the spore levels, making it easier to deploy the accurate kinds of mold removal, mold remediation or even black mold removal where necessary.

How is Air Quality or Indoor Air Quality test performed?

It starts with the collection of 2 samples – one in the area of concern, either your basement, crawl space, attic, storage area etc, and the other is taken from the outside or what is called a ‘controlled environment’. Now if there happens to be multiple areas of concern, then the team proceeds to collect a large number of samples.  Samples are sent straight to the laboratory where they are analyzed and a detailed report is provided.

This report contains the various types of mold discovered, accompanied with the spore levels associated with each type. Most reports specify mold spore levels to be either – elevated, moderated or not elevated. While this method proves beneficial for non-visible mold, there is also the concern of visible mold and the need to have it identified in order to eliminate it correctly.

That’s where Mold Swabs come in. This type of testing simply identifies what model is present and if it’s toxic. Some molds are safe for you to remove yourself but there are others that can be deadly – hence it’s always advised to have professional air quality testing done.

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Who should get an Indoor Air Quality Test done?

  • Residential properties for landlords as well as tenants
  • Those looking to buy or sell a home
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Storage units

How can we help?

We are IRCC certified, with licensed personnel and having been in the business for over 15 years we offer a hassle-free service from Air quality testing to complete mold remediation. We service areas in Toronto and all over the GTA.

Not only offering competitive pricing, we also assist you with your insurance claim where applicable.

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