3 Reasons Why Commercial Mold Removal Is Important

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Commercial mold removal is often overlooked when it comes to the services needed for any commercial property or building owner. Perhaps we think that because we do not reside in the building, commercial mold removal is not crucial. Sadly, many building owners are wrong in this regard! Mold in commercial buildings is just as dangerous as any kind of mold. Following the recent floods in Toronto, commercial property owners should pay close attention to whether mold removal services should be hired to prevent damage and fix any mold problems that may have arisen. Here are three reasons why commercial mold removal is important.


  1. Avoid High Insurance Bills

Whenever your building is found to have mold plastered all over the walls, you are likely to end up dealing with a higher insurance bill. The reason for this? Mold is toxic and can lead the employees, or students, if you own a school, who breathe in this mold to fall sick – this is a prime reason for any insurance company to charge you much more. Similarly, mold can cause serious damage to the products if the building is used as a warehouse. The damage has to be covered in one way or another! Avoid dealing with high insurance bills by making sure your building is mold-free and safe.

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  1. Mold Can Worsen Previously Existing Medical Conditions

It may not be very clear at first whether or not you have mold. Although it grows in damp environments and can therefore be found this way, you may not always think of looking for it. Mold, even when it’s difficult to find, can still release spores that can be very harmful to those who spend time in the building. Similarly, if the person already has a pre-existing condition, such as asthma, the mold can worsen the condition.


  1. The Longer It’s There, the More it Can Grow.

Mold, much like plants, reproduces by spreading its “seeds” – although that is in the form of spores. Without proper commercial mold removal, the mold can spread extremely quickly, becoming an increasingly more significant health risk as time passes by. Simply recall the last time you found mold in the bathroom: it progresses extremely quickly. Mold is associated with symptoms such as headaches, sneezing, nasal congestion, a runny nose, and chest tightness – all symptoms that should not be dealt with in this current era!


Don’t risk your health and that of your colleagues, students, or other building visitors. Growing commercial mold is a problem that is quickly and easily alleviated. By working with Trax,  a certified mold removal company in Toronto, you can enjoy a building that is free of mold sooner rather than later. Our team of experts will make sure to stop mold from spreading and provide you with tips on mold prevention in the future. Whether you own a commercial building, work for a property management firm or lead a school, don’t wait to get your commercial mold assessment done. Contact us today: 905-882-3141



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