It’s Time to Get a Professional Mold Inspection! 4 Signs to Pay Attention to

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We all know how toxic mold can be. From giving us breathing problems to aggravating those in asthma-stricken individuals, mold is a truly inconvenient circumstance to deal with! However, by paying attention to the signs of mold throughout your house, you can make sure that you avoid having to deal with all these symptoms simply by ensuring that you don’t find yourself dealing with symptoms that could easily be avoided. Take a look at the five signs that it’s time to get a mold inspection.


Sign #1: It’s obvious!

It may sound obvious, but that’s because it is: if you see mold, get yourself an mold inspection right away to make sure the type of mold growing can be identified and the problem rectified. By preventing further growth and re-growth due to poor problem handling, you are making sure that you are getting rid of your mold problem for good.


Sign #2: It Smells Like Mold

Next up, pay attention to the smells in your house. Do you feel like there’s a bit of a musty smell going around? Are you trying to figure out where it’s coming from? If so, you may unfortunately be dealing with mold. However, trying to find out all about it and getting rid of the problem is a tough job, and the one that is best done in a mold inspection – such as by our team who takes care of mold inspections in Toronto. If it smells like mold, it’s hidden somewhere that may be tough to see!

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Sign #3: It’s More Humid than Usual

Of course, during the hot summer months, you may deal with a lot more humidity than usual. This is also true in cases where we deal with floods, or, when the snow starts melting here in Toronto. When there is more humidity in the air, there’s also most likely a lot of humidity in your home! The wetter seasons are therefore a great time to get a mold inspection in Toronto, while events like floods should always be followed by a mold inspection and subsequent removal.


Sign #4: You Feel Mold

Feel mold? What? Yes, it’s true! When mold is present, you are more likely to experience allergy-like symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing, and you can even have difficulty breathing. This is why taking care of mold is so crucial – the longer it sticks around, the easier it is for it to keep growing, and the worse the problem gets. Our health is not something we should be jeopardizing, so get yourself a mold inspection today if you have even the slightest amount of doubt! If you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Congestion;
  • Eyes that are red and watery,
  • A cough that is dry,
  • A skin rash (or many)
  • Sore throat
  • Sinus blockages and inflammation


Feel like you may be dealing with a mold problem? You’ve noticed more humidity throughout the house, or perhaps you are avoiding a room altogether because of a funny, musty smell? We provide Toronto homeowners with top-of-the-line mold inspections, mold removal services, and more. Get in touch today!