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mold remediation

How can mold damage your house

We all know the struggle of dealing with mold when we smell or see it in a room. That dreaded feeling: it smells like mold in here, or the fine notes of mildew building up in the area you are in. Of course, no one likes mold. It’s something that can stick around for a […]
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black mold removal toronto

Signs there is black mold in your house and what to do

Black mold is one of the most toxic indoor molds that mostly grow in dark areas that are damp and humid. Stachybotrys chartarum  (also known as black mold), is a greenish-black mold in the fungal division Deuteromycota. Black mold is toxic, S.  chartarum  was  reported  to  induce  sensory  irritation,  inflammatory,  and/or  pulmonary  responses  in  mice  […]
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