Attic Mold: 4 things you need to know if you have discovered attic mold

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Have you discovered mold in your attic? There is a lot of information on the internet but not all is accurate. Here are 5 things to know before you look for a mold removal company.


  1. What causes attic mold? Attic mold is not only caused by a leak in your roof. More often than not you are dealing with:
  • Poor ventilation, resulting from lack of or blocked roof vents and soffit vents. Vents can be blocked by not properly installed insulation.
  • Improperly installed exhaust ducts from high moisture areas like your kitchen or bathroom. These ducts should vent outside the house but sometimes they may leak into your attic.
  • Too much or too little insulation can also play a role in the accumulation of humidity in your attic. Insulation can be also compromised by animals, like raccoons or rats and that also will affect its proper function.
  • Ice damming can occur when snow accumulates on your roof and creates an ice sheet on your roof. This causes the attic to warm up, snow starts melting off the side of your roof and can find its way into your attic through the soffits or other not properly sealed openings.

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  1. Do I have to replace my attic insultation? The good news is you don’t. Mold only grows on organic materials, insulation is fiberglass, rock wool or slag wool, cellulose, or spray foam. IMPORTANT: Do not allow a mold removal company use the dry ice mold removal, this method can damage your insulation.
  2. One misconception about dealing with attic mold is that you can paint the attic covering the mold as a solution. This will only make matters worse in the future. Paint will trap moisture between the mold and paint which means the mold will continue to grow. Mold eats away on the wood beams and the paint will not allow you to see the actual damage until it is too late. At that point removing the wood beams will be your only option and can cost thousands of dollars to replace.
  3. One of the big worries of home owners when they discover attic mold is that the mold spores will travel through the HVAC system to other areas of the house, risking mold growing in your bathroom or kitchen and reducing you indoor air quality. That is false. If your attic is structurally sound and your attic hatch seals properly the mold spores cannot find a way into your home.

At Trax Mold Removal we highly suggest you opt-in for a mold inspection if you discover mold in your attic. We can do a thorough assessment of your mold issue, educate you on your choices of treatment and provide you with an industry competitive quote. Contact us today for more information: 905-882-3141