Water Damage Can Cause Mold Growth

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Mold growth is always a cause of concern for anyone looking for mold removal services in Toronto. While we do get a lot of snow, we also get a lot of rain, which can lead to events such as floods. Aside from this, with the cold weather and the upcoming cold air wave we are expecting, there’s another worst-case scenario we need to be aware of: water freezing in pipes. When this happens, pipes burst and water damage ensues. If you have been struggling with mold growth, or if you have been smelling a musty smell coming from the basement, you may be in need of mold remediation, basement mold removal services, or may need some help with water damage restoration!


What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold is a form of fungus that spreads in the form of spores. Spores can multiply very quickly on just about any surface and can expand exponentially within just a few days. Mold can grow anywhere. However, there are a few factors that increase the likelihood of finding mold in certain areas. For example, mold is most often found in damp areas and places with the right temperature (above 4 degrees Celsius). This is why basement and attic mold is very common – it can get very warm in both areas, and water damage can occur without us even noticing! What is most worrying, however, is that damp areas that result from water damage can then present a significant risk for mold reproduction and development. This is why homeowners looking for water damage restoration should look look of signs for mold too!

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Why Is Mold Problematic?

While you may think that mold is just a normal part of any household, it is not. Mold can be seriously dangerous to your health, especially if anyone within your family struggles with asthma. In fact, did you know that in the United States, over 21% of asthma cases develop as a result of mold? Mold exposure can cause allergic reactions, can make your eyes watery, make you sneeze excessively, and can even worsen conditions such as bronchitis (damp conditions can even cause bronchitis!).


Mold Remediation: What To Do

If you are worried about the presence of mold in your home, do not panic. There are a few steps you can take. For example, keep the moisture down in your house. Ideally, it should not exceed 60%. Similarly, invest in a fan to avoid having basement mold growth and to get rid of any moisture resulting from water damage. If you see a leaking pipe, make sure to fix it promptly.


Even while taking these precautions, mold may still take place, especially after dealing with a leak or other forms of water damage. While prevention is key, you must still take good care when handling mold whenever it grows. Whether you are looking for water damage restoration services, mold remediation, or basement mold removal assistance, we are available to you. A company focused on mold removal in Toronto, Trax is here to help! Contact us today to find out more about our services.