What Is a Pre-Purchase Mold Inspection?

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If you are looking into buying a new house in Toronto, you already know the long checklist of to do’s that is involved. From negotiating the right price to ensuring that the electrical work is done properly, buying a new home is a task that entails a particular attention to detail. However, one of the common mistakes made by new homeowners is one that can cost them a lot: forgetting to request a pre-purchase mold inspection. Without this initial check, you could end up with a much larger problem on your hands once you have moved in, have comfortably settled in and have placed your furniture all over the house. Let’s take a look at what a pre-purchase mold inspection is and why it’s important.

A Crucial Step for More Safety

As the name suggests, a pre-purchase mold inspection is a thorough mold inspection that takes place before you purchase a home. Although you may be very excited to finalize the finer details and to sign the contract, you should not do so until you have completed the mold inspection. Mold is often present in damp and dark places. These places are therefore also seldom checked during home inspections and can be forgotten. Mold, when present in your house, can lead to severe breathing problems, especially if you or anyone else residing there struggles with asthma and other similar respiratory problems. Having mold in your house is also a sign that there may be a leak or that the ventilation throughout the property is improper, two instances that could cause further damage.

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Home Inspection or Mold Inspection?

Although a home inspection will take place, this is usually to check other parts of the home. For example, a home inspection may include an examination of the property’s safety, including the roof, electrical wiring, or plumbing issues. A mold inspection, on the other hand, should be conducted by a professional. Mold can often be a forgotten aspect of the home inspection because it tends to hide in the least visible spaces. For example, stachybotrys mold is found within walls or behind wallpapers, and is therefore often forgotten. This kind of mold is difficult to get rid of, and even more so once you have moved in! Unlike mold that grows in the shower, other kinds of mold that grows throughout the house may not be as obvious, especially to home inspectors who aren’t experts in the field. Therefore, making sure you organize an expert-led pre-purchase mold inspection is crucial.


This is where Trax Mold Removal comes in! We are Toronto-based mold inspectors who conduct testing for all kinds of buildings and occasions. Your mold pre-purchase inspection is of utmost importance as a home buyer: in Toronto’s ever changing climate, mold is not an uncommon problem. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your health. If you find yourself sneezing, having nasal congestion, watery eyes or even chest tightness whenever you visit your new home, make sure to schedule your pre-purchase mold inspection today with Trax Mold Removal  to be certain that the home you are about to purchase is safe, comfortable, and mold-free. Of course, you should do so even without the symptoms!

We offer free on-site consultations, fifteen years of experience as well as mold inspection, removal, and remediation. Worried about mold in your home? Reach out to us today 905-882-3141